Shopping & leisure

Shopping centres can be complex. Retail parks and leisure facilities can be challenging too. But our management teams thrive on it.

We find the way to deal with complexity it to talk about it. Collectively, we can make a real difference to the performance of a shopping centre. We are connected, responsive and close working. Because we work closely together, with retailers and with our clients, we are often able to solve problems before they happen. Our credit control team has a relationship with their retailers and with our Surveyors and Centre Managers, our surveyors with our retailers, our FMs with our clients, and so on. It’s a rare occasion when our network isn’t the first to know.

On top of delivering the conventional jobs like operating the centre, managing the service charge and reporting to our clients, our networked approach can yield other, more tangential benefits. Because we are approachable, we can often secure retailer deals for our clients without the need for a letting agent. And because we listen, we are able to get retailer feedback and sales data – the holy grail of shopping centre information.