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April 17, 2020
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Edmonton Green Shopping Centre, North London

Covid-19 hit Edmonton Green especially hard. The locality is one of the most deprived areas in Greater London. The team considered it their primary duty to support their wider community, including 2,000 local residents, many of whom are elderly and live in assisted accommodation. They took it upon themselves to provide support and care packages to those in need, all whilst also running the 26-acre shopping centre with 30 essential retailers still open.

Throughout the pandemic, the team reached out to over 20 different community groups, including the NHS and key workers, to make donations (which included Easter Eggs, essential groceries, fresh fruit and breakfast bars) not only to those in need, but also to organisations helping those in need. They purchased the essential groceries from the retailers and made two deliveries a week. One of these was to Enfield Stands Together who delivered the care packages to vulnerable residents. The response was amazing and the groups to whom the team donated were genuinely grateful.

In their role of managing the community scheme, the team have always strived every day to both operate an efficiently functioning shopping centre and to ensure they make a positive impact on the community in everything they do. They have received brilliant feedback during the pandemic on how the community has been helped through the donations they have made and most importantly, they have cemented existing relationships and built new ones in the local community.

They have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep the shopping centre running, as well as looking outwardly to support community related activities. On a daily basis, the team stepped out of their comfort zone into an unknown ‘new normal’ and made the community initiatives their priority.

The team say that working in Facilities Management often throws up the unexpected and that was certainly the case with Covid-19. They knew that they alone couldn’t fix everything, but by working together they certainly put smiles on faces, including their own, sprinkled some magic into people’s daily lives and demonstrated how their goal always has and continues to be placing Edmonton Green Shopping Centre at the very heart of the community.

For their amazing contribution, Edmonton Green Shopping Centre scooped the 2020 IWFM Impact Award for the Covid-19 Response Award in the Supporting the Community category. And, it doesn’t stop there, Estate Gazettes have awarded the team with their 2020 Superhero Award (Company) too. We’re extremely proud of the hard work the team have put in and are delighted that they’ve received this well deserved recognition.