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What we do

The list of our property management services will be familiar and covers everything from surveying, service charge and lease management, managing budgets, health & safety, property inspection and facilities management, through to full accounting services and comprehensive financial reporting.

Less familiar is the way in which we deliver these services. We are a team of experts, focused on delivering stronger performance and building more resilient portfolios through brilliant property management. We rely on this for our business to be successful and are never distracted by other related services.

We like a challenge too, the more complex the better. Our clients come to us with all sorts in their portfolios and our eyes light up when we see the ones that need us to truly dive into the detail. We take those on with just as much enthusiasm as the more straightforward instructions.

We manage multi-let offices, shopping centres, business parks, industrial estates, business centres and retail/leisure outlets across the UK, which you can read more about on our case studies page here. Our aim is to deliver stronger performance year-on-year which is the most visible demonstration of success. Our clients like to see growth in capital value which is delivered through a combination of factors, most notably well-managed income and efficient cost control. When portfolios are resilient, they withstand shocks. They can ride economic cycles, are prepared for environmental change and can flex with society’s needs. They provide long-term, sustainable value to our clients, their investors and wider society. Providing the best property management is essential. We were born from a desire to improve the service offered and have a responsibility to continue to do so. This continuous improvement raises industry standards and, for our clients and the wider market, that can only be a good thing.

This might suggest our business is all about buildings. It’s not. It’s about people. With the best team we can deliver the best results. And by team, we mean our people, our partners’ people and our clients’ people. We see everyone involved as a connected team who, by working closely, can achieve great things.

Brilliant Basics

Our only focus is to deliver exceptional property management to the customer base we have grown and nurtured over our 16 years in business. We believe the key element in achieving this is to deliver the basics, brilliantly. A clear sign of success that we recognise, having witnessed it regularly, is when our customers trust us to get on with the day job and in turn, are able to fully concentrate on their own.

Design for Management

We have developed extensive knowledge of Soft Landings and have established best practices in transitioning from development projects through practical completion into managed, occupied buildings and estates.

We learn more and more with every development we are involved with, but one thing is always true; the sooner we understand our clients’ aspirations, the greater input we can have in the design, specification and final product. We immerse ourselves in the detail – from the fire alarm systems to the design and functionality of the reception desk, we work with our clients and their professional teams to deliver new developments and refurbishments that will stand the test of time.

Next, as practical completion nears, we prepare the buildings for occupation. And, because we have been there through the design and build, we understand the warranties, the operational and maintenance manuals, the staffing requirements and, in turn, the running costs. Constructing the service charge budget is therefore that much easier and we are able to confidently support discussions with prospective occupiers as we turn the empty building into a busy one where that businesses can call home.

Consultancy & Due Diligence

Because we focus only on property management, we are experts at it. This means our advice is sought even when we are not managing the properties in question. We are known for our comprehensive due diligence procedures and are increasingly asked to consult with our existing clients – and indeed prospective clients – to give pre-purchase advice.

We enjoy reading every item of management information that we can lay our hands on; the deeper our understanding, the greater value we can add. We dig into every lease to unearth expensive things like service charge caps. We read every service contract to unearth any hidden issues. And we read all the management information to raise any red flags, particularly large items of expenditure, that might need to be considered during the lifecycle of the investment.

We find our expertise is also needed on a project-specific basis too. We advise clients when refurbishing or redeveloping, to ensure the design will actually work for any potential occupier. We can manage empty buildings too – just because no one is in occupation, it doesn’t mean the services can be neglected.

We love supporting clients with due diligence activity, and it is a fast-growing part of our business.

Risk & Compliance

Ashdown Phillips is controlled and regulated by the RICS and we are very proud to have achieved an ‘outstanding’ review at the most recent audit in 2015. Corporate Governance is central to our business and protects our clients’ interests. Our procedures are aligned to and exceed recognised industry standards. We are also members of The Property Ombudsman which demonstrates our commitment to professional standards.

We are ISAE 3402 accredited and maintain professional indemnity insurance at a level required by each of our property management agreements..

All client funds are held in compliance with the RICS Client Money Scheme. In addition to the RICS Audit, Ashdown Phillips obtain independent audits of client monies by a firm of Chartered Accountants every six months.

We also adhere to the RICS Professional Statement for Commercial Service Charges.