At Ashdown Phillips & Partners we focus on providing a brilliant property management service. We believe that, as part of this service, we have a responsibility to have a positive impact. Whether that is by improving the environmental impact of each property on behalf of clients; charitable work serving the communities we work in; or the wellbeing of our team and occupiers. We do all this whilst providing the best property management service for our occupiers and clients.

In 2020 we reviewed our sustainability policy and are now setting our targets. We have used the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as our framework, identifying areas we can have the greatest impact on across our whole business and at each site within our managed portfolio.

The following areas are where we believe we can have the biggest impact:

Good health and wellbeing

We want to ensure the health and wellbeing of all our team and occupiers

Affordable and Clean Energy

All electricity procured by us is from renewable sources and we work with clients to meet their carbon goals.

Responsible Consumption & Production

We work with our on-site teams and occupiers to reduce consumption within buildings.

Partnerships for the Goals

We work with our team, clients, occupiers and our supply chain to promote these goals and have a positive impact.

We address these from multiple directions. The Sustainability Committee sets the targets for the business and is supported by working groups, each drawing on the expertise of the individuals in the business. The Committee reports to, and is accountable to, the Board of Directors. Beyond the walls of committees and working groups, sustainability permeates every area of our business. We are all accountable for ensuring that the decisions we make have sustainability at the heart.

Take a look at the case studies below to see how we're putting our sustainability principles into action.