The Tootal Buildings, Manchester
March 23, 2017
The Loom entrance
The Loom, London
April 20, 2017

Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough

We believe the world is a connected system, where brilliance comes by learning from others and appreciating an alternative point of view. We work hard at staying connected – to our clients, to their clients, and to the world.

This is why we love managing Farnborough Business Park; it brings together all sorts of different sizes and types of company. A newly incubated start up can be right next door to a big international business.

Since we took over the Park in 2012, we’ve encouraged neighbourliness, and provided ways to cultivate the connectivity that we value for the 5,000 people who work there every day. The stories we love the most though are not necessarily the cost savings, it’s the growth we have been able to support.

We believe connectivity is good for the mind, for work-life balance and for business innovation. It’s why we bring people together for regular events. They can get chatting on the shuttle bus or over a cappuccino in the morning. They can swap tips and inspiration when they drop the children at the nursery, or share ideas as they spot each other in the health club.

We have to confess that we had a head start at Farnborough. Before our client bought the Park, we were working with them to identify opportunities for improvement. Most people call this ‘due diligence consultancy’; we like to think of it as helping our clients make the right decisions for the long-term success of their portfolio.

Another heads’ up that head start gave us was insight into the service charge. Ever since, we’ve been focused on making improvements there too – reallocating money to services that help the Park deliver better returns in the short term and make it a more resilient asset over the long term.

The words ‘Business Park’ don’t really do Farnborough justice. While that’s literally what it is – a park, where people do business – we see it as more than that. We’ve made it a place that balances work and rest and makes life easier in a busy world.

And, you can have your own 5 star private Jet ready to go, just five minutes away. How cool is that?