Facilities management

Once upon a time FM teams made sure the property worked and Surveying and Accounting teams made sure it returned a profit. But those things don’t work in isolation. We encourage complete connectivity between the teams and we find it yields much better solutions.

Like our Surveying team, our FM team has 'been around the block'. Between them they must rack up close to 250 years of experience. We encourage two things, primarily: freedom and support. By providing comprehensive training and ongoing mentoring we can trust our team of FMs to deliver a brilliant service to our clients. Our confidence in that approach gives them freedom to operate away from red tape and bureaucracy.

We will always provide a dedicated FM to each multi-let office property and business park; sometimes we will dedicate more than one. We operate a buddy system, so there’s always someone with the knowledge and time to answer any questions our clients may have. Our FMs need to know a lot, about a lot, and we are proud that they do.