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Shopping Centre Management

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Shopping Centre management is a specialist skill. It balances business acumen with community spirit. It requires a commercial brain and a human heart. Our Shopping Centre Managers run the centres as if they were their own business, and we are proud of them for doing so. They have to have their fingers on lots of pulses at the same time; every day they are liaising with local authorities, building relationships with shoppers, the local community and the wider general public. At the same time they are responsible for marketing and promotion, for social media and commercialisation and for nurturing the small businesses in their care, promoting their growth or expansion. They listen, receive feedback and make changes. We're often exhausted just listening to them.

They are not alone. They work as a connected team with our Surveyors and Accountants, delivering that streamlined, no gap, service we take pride in. And we are taking their expertise in ‘destination-led’ operations and applying it to some of our other properties.