Shepley Industrial Estate, Audenshaw, Manchester - Ashdown Phillips & Partners
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August 14, 2020

Shepley Industrial Estate, Audenshaw, Manchester

We were appointed by Clearbell to manage Shepley Industrial Estate as part of their Cara portfolio in 2018. Shepley Industrial Estate is a multi-let industrial estate providing just under 400,000 sq ft of industrial warehouse accommodation and a rent roll of circa £1m.

When Clearbell purchased the asset, the scheme was in desperate need of some TLC; the estate roads were in poor condition, signage was lacking, CCTV did not work and the occupiers felt they had no support, so a perfect project for us!

We immediately set to work to build relationships with the occupiers and quickly established what they wanted to see and to address the issues they had on site. There were a large number of items which were obvious issues for the occupiers, the most pressing of which was security. There were issues around the gates and the CCTV needed to be fixed and put back into working order as a priority.

We had already identified these issues as part of the due diligence process prior to the acquisition and therefore were able to reassure all occupiers that these works were scheduled and would be addressed as a priority.

Over the subsequent service charge years, we worked to address all concerns raised, giving the scheme a new, fully functioning CCTV system and undertaking works to the access gates to make them fit for the intended purpose.

We also started to create more of a community feel on the estate, involving occupiers in events around One Great Day; and this is something we are passionate about across all of our properties, regardless of their use class.

It was a joy to work on Shepley and see the transformation on the site across the two years we managed to asset.