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September 16, 2021
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November 1, 2021

Well done to our September Dare Devils

Congratulations to our September Dare Devil Steph Shaw, who was nominated for making short work of what could have been a lengthy task.

A colleague approached Steph with a project that they were concerned had the potential to be very time consuming but was crucial to documenting matters for a client. Thanks to some clever problem solving Steph was able to collate all the information needed and turn around the required report in a matter of hours, meaning that the team were able to provide the information to the client much sooner than anticipated.

Our Dare Devil Partner for the month is Loula Geeta, who was praised for her energy and dedication to her role at the Southside Building in Birmingham. Loula has been conducting viewings, liaising with the marketing team, hosting out of hours events and generally promoting the client's vision for the building exceptionally well. She also organised the building's first true occupier engagement event for One Great Day, raising an incredible £445 in just a few hours.

Well done to our October winners!