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April 21, 2017
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The Bower, London

Most people dream of being just a little bit cooler than they really are; we do, for sure. But The Bower couldn’t get much more hip if it tried.

The Bower is in Shoreditch, London, which is the place to be. It’s also on Old Street – part of East London Tech City – where fashionable, chic young tech companies and urbanites gather to work and play. Hitting that difficult sweet spot of old industrial design and shiny new development brilliantly, The Bower is really good looking too.

We see The Bower as an estate, rather than a group of buildings. In this type of property, it is important that the whole estate is something greater than the sum of its individual building parts. And that’s where our expertise comes in.

We bring all our office, shopping centre and leisure skills together here in one place. We are working with the landlord and the restaurant and bar businesses to bring life and soul to the outside space in a pavement seating plan without compromising access and pedestrian flow.

Our aim is to create a pleasant place for people to arrive for work, grab a coffee, park their bike, take a shower and settle in for the day. By the evening, they might grab a bite to eat or a beer too if they like it enough. The Bower restaurants and bars are our go to caterers for landlord and occupier events, whether that be Christmas parties or hosting a seminar in one of the beautifully fitted out restaurant premises.

As well as our practical skills, we are also finding good use for our relationship skills too. We see importance in being connected, not only to our clients and occupiers, but to others too. We have developed an excellent relationship with local resident committees, charities, the local council and local security community. Because we have been involved in the scheme from purchase; we find everyone on site comes to us. We have managed the successful launch of both Phases, and learned lots of lessons along the way.