Who we are

We are property managers. We believe property management should be done brilliantly.

We manage multi-let offices, shopping centres, business parks and retail & leisure outlets across the UK. Our aim is to deliver stronger annual performance and more resilient portfolios for our clients, by providing the best property management service.

This might suggest our business is all about buildings. It’s not. It’s about people. With the best team we can deliver the best results. And by team, we mean our people, our partners’ people and our clients’ people. We see everyone involved as part of one big, connected team who, by working closely, can achieve great things. We were established in 2004, by founding Directors Richard Phillips and Kate Phillips. They believed there was a better way to manage property and set out to become the closest thing to an in-house service a client could find. Our clients include property companies and private investors, to whom we offer a full range of property management services on any type of asset from single properties to complex, mixed-use schemes.
Our Values

We are a group of individuals who are all different. We bring complementary skills, alternative ways of thinking and different life experiences to our work. But we are also a group of people who believe in the same things - like-minded, if you like. Our values are the four cornerstones of our business and we work hard to keep them at the front of everything we do. It's this balance of different backgrounds and shared beliefs that makes us a brilliant, connected team.


We only do one thing, and we aim to do it brilliantly. We are property managers. Of course there is a long list of things that a property manager should do and we do them all, but we are not distracted by other related services. Our singular focus gives us the space to pay attention to the detail, dig into the technicalities and explore even the smallest of improvements.

Focusing on one job and doing it well means our clients are also free to focus on other things because we aim to know their properties better than they do.


We like to think of ourselves as the Engineers of the property management world. Engineers are crucial; nothing works without them. They spend years understanding theory and apply their expertise in a very practical way. They deliver truly brilliant solutions as a result. That’s what we do.

Expertise rarely comes without passion, and we have both. We have been told we are property management geeks and we quite like that. Our team is wise enough and small enough to put the most experienced brains on our client teams.

Clients like our expertise as we come up with the brightest solutions. They like it so much they ask us to share our ideas with their other property managers.


We believe the world is a connected system. Whatever we do, there is a consequence somewhere else, for someone else. We think about this when making decisions. Our business is also a connected system. It is connected within, to our clients and to their customers. It is critical to us that everyone within our system stays connected; it is the best way to build honest and open relationships. We always talk to each other and work with each other. We always talk to our clients too, and we listen well.

Because we are connected, we provide a seamless management service. It's as if we are part of an in-house team.


We can pack a lot into what we mean by happiness. Fundamentally, we want the people we are connected with to live happy lives. When we are happy we do our best work. When we are happy we are fulfilled and committed.

Wellbeing in the workplace is an important part of this and if, by doing what we do, we can make peoples’ working lives better we believe we are winning. That goes for our own team, our clients’ teams and their customers too.

A happy team lives a balanced life, it gives and receives respect. Ultimately, a happy team is a one our clients find a pleasure to work with.