October Supplier Dare Devil prize awarded to Kaleidoscope building security professional
November 11, 2020
Ladysmith Shopping Centre Assistant Manager takes home SCEPTRE Award
November 27, 2020

Successful client meeting leads to Dare Devil award for Accounts Assistant

Congratulations to Accounts Assistant Natasha Payne-Phelps, who has been voted our October Dare Devil!

Natasha has been working with the business for just over a year, training as a Client Accountant and working on the accounts for a new client. This month she attended her first in-person client meeting to report on all the financial activities over the last quarter. Natasha was well prepared, knowledgeable and extremely professional in her presentation, and her friendly and approachable manner shone through, ensuring that the clients felt extremely positive about Natasha working on their investments.

Ashdown Phillips Chairman Richard AJ Phillips said of Natasha, ‘As a participant in the meeting, it was hard to believe that Natasha has only been with us such a short time and yet completely embraces the idea that ‘everything you think, say and do is either a service or a disservice to yourself and everyone around you.’

Natasha represented the company fantastically and as a result of her hard work alongside the wider team the client has offered Ashdown Phillips a new portfolio of properties to manage starting in 2021.