Staying Connected in Difficult Times - Ashdown Phillips & Partners
Saying thank you to our service partners
April 9, 2020
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April 23, 2020

Staying connected in difficult times

As a business, we believe staying connected is absolutely key to us providing a seamless management service across our portfolio. In fact, it’s so important, we made it one of our core company values.

During this strange time as we deal with the COVID-19 situation, It has been amazing to watch how the entire team have pulled together; embracing change and new technology to ensure we remain fully connected to not only each other, but to our clients, our occupiers and our service partners throughout this period - just in rather less conventional ways!

We continue to speak with all of our Clients on a regular basis, in many cases multiple times a day, ensuring our approach is fully dovetailed with their strategy. its business as usual as far as our Client engagement goes and we are loving seeing everyone’s pets and children which has been an unexpected bonus from this pandemic!

Occupier engagement has always been key to our management approach. Whether it is the free pop up events we run on reception throughout the year, our Table Tennis Tournament, our Summer Drinks or Christmas Parties; we are constantly looking for new ways to engage with our occupiers and ensure every member of staff in the buildings we manage feel part of that community.

In 2019 we partnered with Equiem across a number of assets in our office portfolio to give us a new way to effectively communicate and engage with every person working within our assets rather than just our key contacts. During the current period, we have found this has been a huge benefit, enabling us to ensure our occupiers are kept up to date with all relevant information they need, both on our building portals and apps alongside regular email newsletters, to keep everyone up to date in the ever changing landscape in which we find ourselves.

Whilst we clearly cannot undertake our usual programme of engagement (our standard Easter Egg Hunt around the buildings would really be tricky!), that does not mean we cannot still actively engage with our occupiers. Our Easter Egg hunt has gone “virtual” across our portals giving occupiers the chance to compete with their colleagues online. We are also running a number of other competitions whilst this period is ongoing to give our occupiers some fun to brighten up their day.

In addition to our Clients and Occupiers, one of the most important groups of people for us currently are of course our Service Partners who are absolutely integral to the smooth running of our properties, we couldn’t keep our properties running without them! Communication with these guys has been key throughout this period, looking at appropriate cost reductions where possible to limit the financial impact on our occupiers without compromising on service and standards on site. Our Supplier Dare Devil award for March went to every single one of them who has gone over and above to assist during this time. To say thank you to them all; we have delivered Easter Eggs to every single person working within our assets; all part of the one team approach we pride ourselves on.

Our message to our Clients, Occupiers and Service Partners is very much business as usual when it comes to communication – this is key to ensuring all parties are fully up to date, connected and working to commonly shared goals so we all come out of these strange and unprecedented times stronger and more connected than ever before!

Sophie Weinmann, Director