We believe the world is a connected system. The decisions we make, and the actions we take, have an impact on communities, economies and the environment. Our job is to deliver strong performing and resilient property portfolios for our clients through providing the best property management service. And we believe these portfolios can only be resilient – to environmental, economic and social change – if they are managed responsibly, considering their wider impact.

We do two things: as a collective, we focus on areas where we have the greatest impact; and at site level, we focus on issues that are most important to the communities we serve.

Our collective focus is in three areas:

Access to opportunity

We believe people deserve to be treated fairly, and with respect. Our Disability Discrimination and Equal Opportunities policies are just the beginning of our efforts to ensure everyone has a fair chance. We work with partners to give flexibility when needed and opportunity to as many people as possible.

Health & wellbeing

Our commitment to Health & Safety is of paramount importance. The impact we can have on our employees and occupiers health & wellbeing is more subtle but equally important. We want our extended team to be happy, and believe passionately in human wellbeing.

Productivity & efficiency

We seek to address issues of environmental efficiency and resource management, minimising negative and promoting positive impacts. This includes energy efficiency, water consumption and waste management, and also the lifecycle management of the buildings where we have the opportunity to make positive changes.

Some of the best examples of what we do more locally can be seen at our specific properties: