Harbour Exchange, London
April 21, 2017

The Morgan Quarter, Cardiff

The Morgan Quarter was a place where our property management geekishness really came into its own. The Morgan Quarter needed its own team of experts. It is genuinely mixed use, and it is complicated. Which is why we loved it.

The first of its complex characteristics is that parts of it are listed. This makes any rebuild or refurbishment works a challenge. We took the view that a successful refurbishment isn’t just the responsibility of the architects, designers and contractors. We played a key part too. Our expertise in what works and what doesn’t for occupiers and on how people use the building and respond to its character all provided valued insight to the design teams. Our people-centred approach came into its own here as well; anyone who has experienced building works knows just how disruptive it can be, so we took the lead in keeping people informed and as happy as they could be while the walls were taken down around them.

Second on its list of complexities was the service charge. While some of the leases aren’t quite as Victorian as its architecture, they were pretty old. Add that to brand new leases for brand new apartments and office leases in the Creative Quarter - most property managers would run a mile! But not us. We spent hundreds of hours and used millions of brain cells to develop a streamlined, mixed-use service charge. Our expertise in this area and our focus on the detail meant we are able to serve the retail, commercial and apartment leaseholders while reducing client shortfalls and voids. As a result, our client had a comprehensive understanding of the service charge and we had their complete trust to manage it.

The Morgan Quarter is also a complex balance. Old meets new here every day – new brands in old shops, established businesses in new offices, old shop fronts facing brand new Cardiff shopping centres. It was really important to get the feeling right. Connecting the right brands with the right people, in the right spaces was key to our success at The Morgan Quarter.

It was with sadness in our hearts that we parted with the The Morgan Quarter in May 2017, when it was sold by our client. Sadness for saying goodbye to a great team, and sadness for a leaving a property we loved. It is a place where our property management geekishness really came into its own. The Morgan Quarter is complex, so it needed its own team of experts and, sadness aside, we are proud to be leaving that legacy – our experts are there to stay.

We know you are not supposed to have a favourite child, but we nurtured this one for a long time… it is a vibrant place, full of life; a beautiful, old building that has been rejuvenated. We were thrilled to be labelled “exceptional” by our client, and delighted to facilitate a smooth purchase for the buyer. We will miss everything about it, but are chuffed to bits that our work has helped it live on, we hope for another 100 years.