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March 23, 2017
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The Bourse, Leeds
April 20, 2017

The Loom, London

Life at The Loom feels like one big happy family. We have occupiers at all stages of their development – some are young guns, just setting out, others have grown quickly and stand well and truly on their own two feet. The important thing at The Loom is they get the service they need, irrespective of where they are on their journey.

Many of the young tech and creative businesses who call The Loom home are new to the property game, they may not have an agent to represent them or work with them on their hunt for space. That could ring alarm bells for some, but we work closely with them to support them through their property learning curve. Our leases here are varied and, unlike most, not rigid. We find this helps everyone; if one occupier is growing faster than another they may be able to swap spaces, so long as it works for everyone.

As well as that supportive structure, they get to work in a wonderful, connected space. We’ve managed a significant and delicate refurbishment for our client that has seen the building transform into a modern, awardwinning place to work. We have been focused on the detail, and our work with its connectivity has earned the building a Gold Wiredscore certification.

It is important to respond to your surroundings, too. East London is not like West London; it feels different, and our occupiers choose to be there because of this. The catering offer reflects that, with someone who fits that vibe running the coffee shop. Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters is a local business, which now runs the café space. They offer a catering service for our client-hosted tenant events too.

Like Mum and Dad, we expect some to grow up and leave, while others will stay put to flourish. Our job is to help them on their journey. If we do it well they will call this beautiful old Grade II listed warehouse their home for as long as possible.