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April 20, 2017
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Dover Street, London

Think ‘Mayfair’ and you think luxury, high quality finishes and five‐star service. That’s what we set out to achieve at 43‐48 Dover Street, when we were invited to manage the 50,000 square feet, multilet office building in the heart of W1, London.

You might think the first thing we like to do when we win a new instruction is to start again from scratch, building our own, five‐star team. But that’s just not our way.

To give incumbent providers a little more confidence to do the best work they could, in the first instance we replaced their interim agreements with formal contracts.

Over time, we have retendered all the operational contracts. Following a comprehensive audit of requirements and plan for preventative maintenance, we have replaced the M&E provider, and by reengineering the labour resource we saved £30,000 for reinvestment. That £30,000 went into the new contract, won by the existing security service provider, so we could upgrade to a 24-hour service.

To give occupiers more confidence in the service they received, we met them all in the first few days of taking over. We listened. And we responded.

From the outside, it may seem odd that four members of our FM team know the building inside out; overkill perhaps. But when we first met the occupiers, they weren’t particularly pleased with the service they were receiving. By making our senior team available to them, we were able to gradually build a new, positive relationship. Now when we meet them, they tell a different story.

Our approach to five-star service does not start from the belief that we always know best. We believe others know a great deal too. We were prepared to listen, to dig for hidden quality and invest in the right teams, so together we can provide a brilliant property management service.

By the way… we also keep an eye on the residential element too, helping the landlord to achieve an all-round, five-star service.