Our March Dare Devil is revealed….
April 7, 2020
Supporting the Community at Edmonton Green
April 9, 2020

Occupier Portal set-up at Great Western Studios

At Great Western Studios, the majority of occupiers are working remotely but an online portal has been set-up to showcase the range of online opportunities available; from private tuition and classes to luxury homeware. Live experience agency Marble LDN has diversified and has partnered up with acclaimed chef, Tom Thornton to offer food boxes in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, London, Rutland & Leicestershire. Tom is also cooking 100 free meals a week for NHS staff. The IAM20 are even hosting free online meditation sessions to help relieve stress and anxiety. Weekly newsletters are being circulated to ensure occupiers still feel part of the Great Western Studios community - even if they're working from a different location. Brilliant initiatives. Well done to our team at Great Western Studios for supporting our occupiers.