Middleton Shopping Centre staff successfully complete WorldHost Customer Service Programme
October 22, 2019
We’re delighted to announce nine promotions across our teams
October 28, 2019

Our latest new recruits tip our total staff count to over 100

We’re delighted to announce that our staff total has rolled over the 100 mark as we welcome our latest new joiners Denver Mangwiro and Leila Mead who are our new receptionists at Great Western Studios in London.

Whilst we may have grown quickly over the years, our teams still pride themselves on embodying the core values that our founders, Richard and Kate Phillips set out to achieve: focused – we are property managers and aim to do it brilliantly; expert – our expertise allows us to deliver truly brilliant solutions; connected – whether working with someone in our own office or on the other side of the country, we always talk to each other and our clients and we listen well too. Lastly, we believe in being happy. When we are happy we do our best work and a happy team is one our clients enjoy working with.

So to all our wonderful staff, suppliers and clients, thank you for helping to make Ashdown Phillips what it is today.