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July 13, 2020
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August 12, 2020

June Dare Devil Announced

Congratulations to Lee Ellis, who has been voted as June’s Dare Devil for his calm response to a very eventful day at Middleton Shopping Centre.

On the morning of June 16th, just a day after the shopping centre reopened following the lockdown restrictions being eased, the centre’s fire evacuation message sounded. Duty Manager, Lee, made the quick decision to evacuate the centre, which was undertaken immediately. Because of his swift action visitors and occupiers we soon able to return to the shops as a fault was quickly identified with the sprinklers. However, the day was not over yet!

Later that afternoon, one of the centre’s entrances was breached by floodwater following a torrential downpour, leading to the ground floor occupiers needing to be evacuated (again) and a lengthy clean-up process for the team. Lee remained on site past closing to direct and lead the clean-up, he also ensured that all affected occupiers were visited and offered assistance.

Lee has also been a key part of the Reconnecting Middleton project, ensuring that the centre was ready to safely welcome retailers and visitors back to the centre following the lockdown. Well done to Lee for his quick thinking and calmness under pressure during a key week for the centre.