The Hub wins its first ever Green Apple award - Ashdown Phillips & Partners
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March 12, 2019
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The Hub wins its first ever Green Apple award

The Hub in Glasgow has won its first ever Green Apple award for its impressive waste management strategy.

Thomas Love, Facilities Manager started on the scheme three years ago and immediately knew he had to do something to change the way waste was dealt with on the site. No recycling was taking place and tenants were receiving multiple refuse uplifts per week with no centralised coordination.

Water consumption was also exceptionally high, and investigations were scheduled to attempt to uncover the cause. The aim was to reduce both consumption and costs by 20% within a year.

A fully centralised waste management system has now been implemented with tenants segregating card, plastic, paper, and food waste at source. Water pressure has also been monitored and adjusted at various points across the scheme.

Within three years the project has achieved significant results:

100% of tenants on board with the centralised waste management system (now 100% occupied with 32 tenants)

93% of waste diverted from landfill

Significant reduction in transport to uplift waste, going from eight waste bins being collected every second day to now only two uplifts per week in total.

Water consumption and costs reduced by 65% within a year