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August 14, 2017
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Clyde Shopping Centre win best food waste initiative

Our colleagues at Clyde Shopping Centre have won the ‘Best Food Waste Initiative’ at the Scottish Resources Awards. Andrew Forrester (our Centre Manager) attended the ceremony 28th September and was delighted to be recognised for the achievement.

Our team at Clyde are leading this category with new initiatives such as a waste management system, a full-time waste manager, on site accelerated composting (Clyde was the first Centre in the UK to have this), an on site Bio-Diesel processor and a wood chipper. The Centre now boasts a 100% food and waste oil recycle rate.

Not only has our team made vast savings in terms of cost but they’ve also used their new eco-friendly position to educate surrounding schools - including three special needs schools. Various groups are making use of the Eco Trail and garden, which gives the public access to the bee hives and chickens that have made the premises their home.

It has not been an easy task to convince occupiers – as many are national chains with their own separate waste management contracts, but, with the help of the Store Managers and various donations, it has become an achievable feat.