Business parks

A good business park can be a wonderful place to work. A bad one can be dreadful. We know what makes a good one – it’s a sense of community, it’s the services you need because you are out of town, it’s landscaping, enough car parking, places to meet, spaces to unwind.

We find similarities between shopping centres and business parks; there is a genuine need for place-making and marketing services, to make the park a place where people want to come to work. There’s also a need for building close occupier relationships; knowing when someone is looking to leave, and another is looking to expand, can save both money and time.

One of the things we see in business parks, that we see less of in shopping centres and in our office portfolio, is the need for brilliant landscaping services. We take pride in being able to manage all types of contract, and look for specialist providers to business parks for things like landscaping, like car parking and heating & cooling.

Above all, critical to the success of a business park is the need for a responsive team. We are always on site and we are always ready to help.